Her Dark Materials: Guest Curated by Philippa Adams

"Her Dark Materials is a celebration of female creativity and innovation across art and tech worlds."

We are delighted to present Her Dark Materials, curated by Philippa Adams, an exhibition that brings together an international group of women artists interweaving a myriad of art practice including performance, sculpture, installation, tapestry, collage, music, painting, and photography. Her Dark Materials presents work that probes into the psychological, political and cultural issues voiced by women within the context of our pivotal epoch of change, uncertainty and hope. Each artist conveys a deeply held personal vision that does not shrink from interrogating both the language of art and the narratives of female identity, in a creative dialogue enmeshed in the forms and materials employed.


The exhibition features works by Alexi Williams Wynn, Alice Anderson, Carolina Mazzolari, Celeste Rapone, Charlotte Colbert, Emma Talbot, Florence Hutchings, Francisca Sosa Lopez, Galina Munroe, Helen Epega (The Venus Bushfires), Jo Kitchen, Jodie Carey, Kristine Roepstroff, Kate Daudy, Misha Milovanovich, Nancy Cadogan, Nika Neelova, Noemie Goudal, Paulina Mischonowska, Pola Wickham, Rannva Kunoy, Sahara Longe, Seana Gavin, Sophie Vallance, Tiffanie Delune, Trudy Benson and Vinca Petersen. 


The virtual display inaugurates WWAM, founded by Philippa Adams, a digital render of a former industrial warehouse which formed part of Wolverton Railway Works, that connected London to Birmingham. Established in 1838, the beautiful industrial building was left to decay but is here brought to life by the leading mixed reality visionaries at INVI and the building survey drawings and conversion design by architects Julian Wickham and Alex Bilton. The building is uniquely positioned to adapt architecturally to the art that it encapsulates, creating a dialogue between the two disciplines and paving the way for further interdisciplinary experimentation.


Phillippa Adams is a curator and advisor who has been instrumental in the foregrounding of emerging artists from all over the globe. Director and Head Curator of Saatchi Gallery's Collection 1999-2020, Philippa worked directly with Charles Saatchi on acquisitions and programming exhibitions which positioned emerging international artists at the forefront of contemporary art.  An integral voice in the creation of landmark exhibitions, publications and acquisitions. Saatchi Gallery has directed seminal shows supporting the early exposure of 100's of artists, propelling them into household names which changed the landscape of Contemporary Art for London. 


In rigorous review of emerging markets and talent spanning the Americas, Russia and Asia, Philippa has directed focused exhibitions and partner projects to critical acclaim. These include USA TodayNewSpeak: British Art Now, Shape of Things to Come, Unveiled: New art from the Middle East, Pangea Art: Art from Africa and Latin America, Triumph of Painting and Champagne Life. Also of note are partner endeavours such as the Global Eye Programme, which exhibited 20 contemporary Korean artists in Korean Eye 2020. In 2019, Philippa produced and curated the seminal show Sweet Harmony, an immersive retrospective exploring rave culture. Celebrated as "The biggest exhibition about rave culture in the world", according to Google Arts & Culture. 


In a commercial partnership with Christie's, Philippa architected a monumental artwork auction, Thinking Big followed by a series of annual sales Handpicked, which realised several world records for female work sold, elevating many of these artists and their markets to a more global forum.


We are delighted to partner with Philippa Adams as she continues her commitment to focus on artists across new territories and innovative platforms, with the founding of WWAM, which she developed as a virtual showcase especially for Her Dark Materials, she will continue to explore future collaborations and partnerships to bring artists and creative voices to the forefront. 


A huge thank you to :

Ed Cross, Ed Cross Fine Art; Charlie Fellowes, Edel Assanti; Josh Lilley, Josh Lilley Gallery; Rowena Chui, Alice Anderson Studio; Sarah Schloemer, Charlotte Colbert Studio; Hele Ohrt, Kirstine Reopstorff Studio, Philippa Adams, WWAM; Chloe Stephan, Website Administrator; Emma Grayson, Artist Liaison; Kasimiira Kontio & Leighanne Murray, Press; Giangtien Nguyen & Afreen Ali, INVI.