“She holds up a mirror to the world, raising questions that bring introspection and remind us of our common core, that we are all connected”

Philippa Adams, Director, Saatchi Gallery, London

Kate Daudy is a British visual artist and writer, recognised for her work exploring and re-evaluating the human experience in the context of the natural world. Known for her written interventions in public and private spaces, Daudy's work is based on an ancient Chinese literati practice.


"She holds up a mirror to the world, raising questions that bring introspection and remind us of our common core, that we are all connected." Philippa Adams, Director of Saatchi Gallery, London.


Kate Daudy’s work celebrates the joy of human connection and unwavering faith in its potential. Based in London, Daudy works through a variety of media to manifest complex ideas and theories about the universe. Daudy began to explore these questions using a practice inspired by ancient Chinese literati tradition. Her bas relief works represented the chronic impermanence of humanity and fleeting emotions. Installations included city-wide projects in Manchester, New York, and Jordan. Based on her travels in the Middle East she  inscribed and embroidered a UNHCR tent with the words of refugees to share their message with people around the world. The piece, ‘Am I my Brother’s Keeper?’ toured St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Manchester Art Gallery, and BIAS Palermo, Italy and Spain. 


"The transience of life and the soul dominates Kate Daudy's uplifting work. From street art that washes away, impermanent writing placed around a city to words applied to fences, stones and bridges around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, much of her carefully considered and poetic art is intended not to survive. She relishes the transitory nature of our existence on this earth, a love of the gesture for its own sake and her work embodies a rejection of consumerism. Happiness can be achieved in the ephemeral and that should be valued more by society." - Doctor Rebecca Daniels.

Her exhibition, Wonderchaos at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park featured her inaugural large-scale sculpture, P O R T A L (2021) working in collaboration with Nobel-prize winning scientist, Kostya Novoselov, fusing disciplines of art, science, philosophy, and language to explore the dual universal concepts of chaos and harmony.  She has recently been named a ‘Visionary’ by Louis Vuitton as part of their Louis 200 campaign which will see her specially-designed trunk travel the world before being auctioned by Sotheby’s in December 2022. Daudy has upcoming exhibitions in Spain, Russia, Singapore, London and Vietnam.

She will be exhibiting in  EOTH's  X SuperRare show this September, a first for the artist, who will be minting original NFT's only available through  Eye of the Huntress.