EOTH is on the frontier of the revolution dissolving the boundaries between digital and physical art .  We launched EOTH two years ago with an incredible team of women and a mission to trail-blaze a new way to view and buy art in the digital space whilst everyone was in lock-down at home.  Already fusing new technology and merging the worlds of art, design and architecture, we could not have imagined the paradigm shift in block-chain technology that would change the art world forever –  Defi, NFT’s, Metaverses the foundation of Web 3.

We are now poised to offer a hybrid model of both digital NFT art works and the physical as well. We shall be collaborating with established artists to bring them into the NFT space on our platform and also build a community of collectors, wishing to start investing in the digital space.

Our first NFT exhibition will launch in June, 2022 on SuperRare, showing 10 female NFT artists. Watch this space. . .