EOTH is on the frontier of the revolution dissolving the boundaries between digital and physical art .  We launched EOTH two years ago with an incredible team of women and a mission to trail-blaze a new way to view and buy art in the digital space whilst everyone was in lock-down at home.  Already fusing new technology and merging the worlds of art, design and architecture, we could not have imagined the paradigm shift in block-chain technology that would change the art world forever –  Defi, NFT’s, Metaverses the foundation of Web 3.


We are now poised to offer a hybrid model of both digital NFT art works and the physical as well. We shall be collaborating with established artists to bring them into the NFT space on our platform and also build a community of collectors, wishing to start investing in the digital space.


We are excited to have launched our genesis NFT collection, titled Goddess, in collaboration with premiere NFT purchasing platform SuperRare. This collection brings together nine international women from fine art, fashion, film and design, whose work intersects the physical and digital. Presenting unique works by Aslan Ruby from Australia the artist of the ethereal Meta Angels, Talia Zoref from Israel the creator of Eyes of Fashion, Varvara Alay from Georgia and artist of The Flower Girls, Canadian Nigerian artist Lizzy Aroloye, American Korean designer Dayoung Kim, with stellar UK based artists Misha Milovanovich, Laura Shepherd, Charlotte Colbert and Kate Daudy.


To discover the collection visit Eye of the Huntress on SuperRare


We have also partnered with Some.Place, a next generation social media platform aimed at changing the way we interact with our world around us. We are proud to present our collection in their digital gallery space for users to view these works in a state of the art gallery space from their phone.