"Her practice extends within the parameters of a surreal and abstract world in which shifting shapes and forms illustrate the surface of her canvases." - Piermarq Gallery, Sydney

"Painting has become a necessity for me, I loose days glueing bits of canvas down just to rip them off or paste more over because I've changed my mind, and this happens over and over until the canvas just won't take anymore and answers have surfaced along the way. This is a running thread in my work. There are multiple paintings hidden under the surface, and I see handfuls of other possibilities even when I think I've finished. It's hard for me to leave them be, but I've made peace with this and im allowing it to be one of the main drivers of my practice now. Acceptance of a failure is a real positive, it's extremely stimulating. I have tried to reduce my accidents to be less wasteful, but I noticed that it changed the energy and urgency that I loved seeing on the final surface too much. I think the idea of being the only person who knows what's underneath thrills me a bit too.. I moved from East London to south west France last year and the light down here still blows my mind. I use quite a bright colour palette that seems to be more and more in correlation to my environment. Colour fields and landscapes are amplified around here when the sun hits, it's my main source of colour reference." - A MOMENT WITH GALINA MUNROE