“The Emotional Fields, maps of the unconscious came from the desire to create a visual realization of an invisible spiritual state or land” 

 Her practice involves textile manipulation, printing, painting, photography, video, and performance. Her creative process explores symbols, techniques, and forms, leaving the traces of her exploration visible for the viewer to ponder. She is inspired by psychoanalysis, intuition, cognition, human behavior, and emotional development.

In her recent series "Emotional Fields", presented as a solo show at Tristan Hoare Gallery in September 2019, she portrays the materialization of elusive states like "Love", "Hesitation", "Awe".These ideas are manifested as painted, hand-embroidered, and woven maps, guiding the viewer through abstract states which are described in cotton, silk, and wool thread embroidered onto unprimed linen with her distinctive herringbone stitch technique. In each map, there is a sense of intimacy as the artist has physically interacted with the fabrics over many hundreds of hours. The resulting maps are reminiscent of mandalas where love, hesitation, loss, grief, and struggle are described in a personal and universal language, suggesting a deeper human pattern. Her work was included in some relevant group shows: "Emotional Fields-Love" showed during "Subversive Stitch" at TJ Boulting, London in February 2019, "Isis" showed at Palazzo Zaguri, Venice, in May 2019 during Venice Art Biennale 2019, " Dark Blooms" (Triptych) as part of RA250 Summer Show 2018, at Royal Academy of Arts.