Iona Hutley (b. 1991) studied Fine Art at the Brighton Faculty of the Arts (2012-13) before completing a three year Painting program at the Florence Academy of Art (2013-16).  In 2019, she was selected for the PADA artist residency in Lisbon and the completed the artist mentoring Turps Banana Correspondence Course (2021-22)  and has been recently featured in a duo show with Harriet Gillet at Soho Revue in London.

A UK based artist, her practice traverses the realm of painting, from classical realism to figuration and abstraction. Her abstract works invoke the basest of emotions and harken back to the gods of old as referenced by their titles. She uses color, material, and technique to create a sensuously primal expression of universal experiences of love and life. The artists’ multifaceted approach enables many avenues for expression, allowing her the freedom to move between various methodologies and disciplines, each satiating a specific creative impulse.