Dayoung Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea and started her vast cultural journey at a young age. She moved to a India at the age of 14 and it was the only beginning of expanding her horizon of world view and artistic aesthetic.

This Korean born international fashion designer/ fashion illustrator and recently joined NFT community as a female artist with cultural nomad spirit has worked and lived in Milan, Italy and Mexico hoping to bring splendid fashion point of view into Fashion NFT world.

She won Emerging designer of the year 2008 right after the college, awarded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and appeared and competed in Bravo TV’s popular reality show ‘Project Runway Season 18’.

Her deep root as an international fashion designer narrates how she create her artworks.She tells the visual story with the color combination, texture of materials and styling of her muses and enjoys enhancing her own cultural heritage by combining it with international cultures she has encountered during her life journey into a beautiful and colorful kaleidoscope.

She is also an artist for Mavion World and created their first generative PFP NFT collection of 5K that features 200+ hand drawn elements. She is currently working as an art director at Mavion and collaborating with international fashion
brands. Mavion was nominated as one of the best fashion NFTs at NYFNYC 2022.
Dayoung’s ultimate dream is to launch a meta verse couture fashion collection in the future.