“Woman is the main pole of poetry and the substance of works of art”
The Second Sex - Simone de Beauvoir

Laura Shepherd is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and creative director based in London. A digital alchemist exploring energy curation and transmission under the guise of virtual psychedelics and flower power. Plant-powered aesthetics from art nouveau and 60s counter-culture are reworked into high definition 3D style to construct digital psychedelic experiences that soothe or stimulate mind and body.  The Goal of this trip is Ecstacy.  Anthropological, philosophical and informed by diverse esoteric idea systems and beliefs, the work presents an optimistic perspective on modern life.


Coming from an artisanal creative background, a purposeful switch from material to 100% digital was made in 2012. Digital paintings and sculptures are rendered as still life photography, motion graphic screen animations, and Augmented Reality experiences (AR). From material objects that tend towards decorative arts and product design, to abstract ethereal experiences.