"Celeste Rapone's subjects appear uncontainable. Their bodies are often presented in off-guard or casual poses, spilling towards the edges of the canvas; limbs appear to have been edited to squeeze within the set parameters of her paintings. Rapone's colours are bold and confrontational, and occasional glows of light line exposed body parts."

Celeste Rapone (b. 1985, New Jersey, USA) fuses material invention, humour, high-low free play, tough art history and resourcefulness with the figure, all in service of detailed 21st-century narratives that prioritise women. Rapone is a 2013 MFA graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago - where she is now an adjunct professor in painting and drawing - and the subject of recent solo exhibitions at Josh Lilley and Corbett vs Dempsey, Chicago.


Celeste Rapone lives and works in Chicago.